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At The Crossroads...
a how to book for bands breaking into the music business

A question and answer guide to the music business. At the Crossroads is much more. 

A 20/20 hindsight that can help you reach your dreams. At the Crossroads is a combination of one bands history and a "how to" book that will answer some difficult questions concerning the music business. Buy yours today via Click Bank.com for only $2.95 USD.

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Cold Deathly Cold...
A Short Story

about friends and foe. About beasts and death. About murder and mystery. Itís alpha and omegaÖa beginning and an ending, but who is the killer? Is it the beast, or is it the weird news editor of the local paper. You will have to use your imagination, because I just donít know...
hmmmmmmmmm maybe itís meÖ find out today for only $0.95 USD.


Sample...Cold Deathly Cold...A Short Story

Chords & Scales eBook...

  • Get started playing guitar with this detailed guitar chord and scale book.
  • This book will show you how to play Major, Minor, and Seventh guitar chords.
  • Each chord is shown at three different positions on the guitar next for a total of 108 chords.
  • A chord explanation chart is provided
  • Diagrams for 42 popular guitar scales including Major, Pentatonic Major, Blues Major, Minor, Pentatonic Minor, Blues Minor scales.
  • Scale study is essential for improvising soloing and composing.
  • Diagrams on a variety of strumming patterns.
  • 47 pages in .pdf format to allow easy printing for quick, easy reference.
  • This package comes with Master Resell Rights.

Buy Guitar Chords & Scales today for $5.00

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